Okay – Quick Bio for Robert – okay, maybe not that short…

Hey there.  Before I start ruminating, a little bit about me and my background, both prior to and including my work in the world of acting: I have a mixed arts/Eastern philosophy background.  On the arts front, writing poetry since age 12, sing, play guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxes, piano, with trumpet and violin somewhere back there; focused on sax improv for many years.  In Eastern spiritual disciplines, many years in T’ai Chi, yoga, both Mahayana and Theravadin Buddhist meditation and philosophy.  I taught Iyengar style yoga in New York for 15 years and did deep tissue therapeutic massage, for which I am licensed, and other forms of bodywork for 15 years before transplanting to DC.  On the acting front, I’ve been teaching Meisner-based programs, some of which I created and have expanded and re-contoured during more than 25 years in New York and DC.  While I may sound eclectic, I’ve taught the Meisner-based work steadily for most of my adult life, acted and directed in New York and DC, most recently directing Adams Morgan: The Movie, which premiered in May 2011 at DC’s Avalon Theatre, and Christopher Durang’s play “Beyond Therapy” for the 2010 DC Fringe Festival.  You can read an online review of the Durang production here: http://dctheatrescene.com/2010/07/18/beyond-therapy/  I’ve taught a number of unique acting courses and workshops.  The courses include Rehearsal Technique, Character Work, Acting for Film, and Audition Technique, all based on Meisner’s principles of Truthful Behavioral Acting, which brings a sense of reality to the actor’s work – more on that in later posts.  Varied workshops have included such eclectic ones as “Improvising Characters for Film Creation,” “Acting for Voiceover,” and collaborations in my studio with casting director Jane Brody on a Cold Reading workshop, and playwright Jefferey Sweet on a Play Rehearsal workshop. My classes have been written about in several newspapers and I’ve been interviewed on Verizon Fios TV.  Here’s a link to the interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfFDuxBoc4Y&amp   Anyway, that’s a “little bit” about me.  Next post – ruminations on comedic acting and Meisner, which was recently brought up by a student…

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